Bipolar Ionisation (BPI) has been around for a long time. It arrived in the States in the 1970s and was largely used in the food manufacturing sector to help reduce bacteria, viruses and mould. It is now enjoying a resurgence in popularlity with the onset of the Coronavirus/Covid-19 pandemic as the world scrambles to find solutions to keep themselves, their staff and customers safe. It has already been proven effective against Sars, norovirus and other influenza strains.

AMV Systems is delighted to partner with Gibbons Engineering Group to sell, market and install 4 needlepoint ion generators.  BPI products are mounted on in centralised air conditioning systems. Ions are drawn through the coil and keep the coil clean as it kills bacteria, mould and viruses thus removing the annual need to clean the cooling coil and drain pan.  The journey of the ion continues through the ducting system, cleaning it as it makes it way to its final destination in the building to expell quality air.

In addition the ions remove harmful small particules from the air, often too small for the filter to remove. As in nature, when air flows through the system, it results in the formation of millions of of negative and positive ions which clump the particles together. These larger particles are then more easily filtered out.

BPI is excellent at removing odors like cigarette smoke, foul sewer smells or ammonia smells. It is simple and easy to install in new or existing AHUs. BPI is totally automatic and chemical free and can operate independently or as part of an integrated system.