Renewable Technologies


Here at AMV Systems, we know that using alternative energy sources is very important for our environment. Therefore keeping these renewable technologies working optimally is vital to ensuring that they continue to be efficient and effective throughout their lifespan.

Heat Recovery System - Renewable Techologies

Heat Recovery Process

AMV Systems can provide maintenance and repairs for such sustainable and renewable technologies as:                                                                                                                       

  • Heat Recovery Systems
  • Solar Panels
  • Heat Pumps
  • Wood Pellet Burners
  • Bio Mass Burners

Benefits of Clean and Well Maintained Renewable Technologies:

  • A dirty Solar Panel loses up to 25% of its potential power due to parts of the panel being blocked from the sunlight. A clean Solar Panel will not only extend the life of the unit and maximise the returns from the solar panel but also ensure you are covered by the manufacturers warranty.
  • Heat Recovery Systems require regular maintenance to replace and clean fan filters, inspect and clean the unit and heat exchange cell, inspect the motors for a build-up of dust and to check that the condensate drain tube is secure and clear of debris in order to avoid imbalance and excess noise, blockages and extra pressure on the fans and to make sure dirty air is not being allowed to pass through. 
  • Wood Pellet Burners and BioMass Burners should be serviced at least annually in order to keep your systems running safely and efficiently and will therefore help to keep your energy costs down to a minimum.

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