AHU Refurbishment & Maintenance

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AMV Systems recognise that in today’s climate clients do not want the upheaval and expense of purchasing new Air Handling Units -AHU. Our qualified technicians have the capability and technical expertise to provide the best option for you, by either refurbishing or replacing older high spec equipment.

Advantages of AHU refurbishment compared to replacement:

  • More environmentally friendly by re-using existing plant
  • Reduced cost compared to purchasing new units
  • Minimal plant downtime
  • Typically existing services are unaltered
  • Minimal disruption to the building’s normal operation
  • Use of existing access routes to bring new components to plant

We offer the following repair services to Air Handling Units:

  • Repair and maintenance of Gas Fired Modules
  • Dampers
  • Actuators
  • Motors
  • Heating & cooling coils
  • New skins
  • Filters, filter frames, flooring and media
  • Drain pans
  • A/V mounts and flexible connections within the fan chamber
  • External and internal painting

Continued Maintenance, Monitoring and Management:

At AMV Systems we pride ourselves on developing long-term relationships with our contracting clients to ensure that their needs are fully met. We aim to grow these relationships by consistently exceeding our clients expectations on quality and budget.      

Asset Management and BMS Systems:           

With the use of BMS systems and our new Asset Management System we can provide our teams and clients with accurate real-time information about an AHU system’s  service history and performance enabling us to tailor our maintenance of these AHU units to each one specifically maximising the results, efficiency and quality of our service. 

For more information on BMS systems and how our new Asset Management system provides our clients with an improved tailored maintenance service please read on here.

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