About Us


Established in Wexford 1998, AMV Systems is a company specialising solely in offering a comprehensive and professional maintenance service to customers nationwide. Our services include the continued maintenance and testing of all HVAC Systems and related equipment to maximise productivity and ensure that they comply with all relevant regulations.

“We aim to provide the best in quality, productivity and cost for each working environment”

Priding ourselves on offering a reliable service that our customers can count on, AMV Systems continually invests in the education of our staff, the efficiency of our operations and the quality of our products. A key component to the business is our preventative maintenance service with which we aim to provide customers with a cost effective, continued service to keep their equipment fully operational and in turn  reduce their risk of incurring a very costly repair or replacement.

Latest Innovations to Improve Customer Service:  Asset Management Program

Our latest step to provide an all-round better service is the development of an asset management program that not only improves our own efficiency, our onsite engineers have instant access to project information including the service history of equipment for continued maintenance, but also gives our clients real time information and allows them to track the progress of their job keeping them up-to-date throughout.

The Services we provide:

We provide maintenance services nationwide to sectors including; Food Processing, Pharmaceutical, Local Authorities, Healthcare, Entertainment/Sports & Leisure, Commercial Buildings and Retail, etc.