Total Coil Disinfection System

Total Coil Disinfection System

A Total Coil Disinfection System (TCD) will help achieve a healthier & safer working environment for you, your team & your customers. In partnership with Gibbons Engineering Group, AMV Systems model, supply and install TCD (formerly CoilCare) Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) surface disinfection systems using standard or high-output UVC photonisers.

TCD is a tried, tested & proven ultraviolet solution for HVAC systems that irradicates biofilm including viruses such as the Coronavirus/Covid-19 and bacteria.

  • TCD is the go to UVC technology that delivers a 24/7 non-invasive disinfection level cleaning regime for cooling coils in AHUs.
  • Biofilm build up within the coil often contains viruses & bacteria, our systems are modelled to irradiate the full face of the coil killing the growth of viruses (including the Coronavirus/Covid 19)  and reinstating system performance to as built.
  • The technology is a pre-condition of the WELL Building Standard and is assembled in our partners bespoke ISO 9,001, 14,001 & OHAS 18,001 facility in Essex.

What is Biofilm?

Biofilm is a slimy, sticky coating that forms from bacteria in moist environments such as AHUs.   It diminishes the overall efficiency of the cooling system within the AHU resulting in:
  • A significant reduction in the quality of air emitted
  • An increase in energy consumption to achieve a set point temperature
  • The more biofilm the greater the cost of the HVAC energy consumption- can be up to 30%
  • When coils become very clogged, as much as half the pressure is lost

The application of ultraviolet-C (UVC) band light in close proximity to the cooling coil eliminates biofilm including viruses and bacteria and restores thermal efficiency to as built. When applied to each AHU, the performance of the entire HVAC system is restored.

Benefits of Total Coil Disinfection

  • UVC is non-invasive and bathes the cooling coil 24/7, maintiaining thermal efficiency to as- built
  • Returns the performance of the AHU to as-built
  • Overall improvement in indoor air quality.
    • External and re-circulated air is disinfected as it passes though the coil rendering it over 99% free of bio-contamination
  • Simple to install for new and existing HVAC systems
  • Fast payback and energy savings.
  • Eliminates manual cleaning, a time consuming actvity that often using harsh chemicals.
  • Disinfecting the cooling coil and the drain pan of an AHU with UVC results in condensate that can be recylced as grey water.
  • Cost effective installation
  • ASHRAE Handbook compliant
  • Opportunity to gain points under BREEAM and LEED

Indoor Air Quality

UVC helps to inactivate bacteria, mould and viruses within biofilm resulting in cleaner air to building occupants. This helps lower the risk of infectious diseases, having a positive impact on the health, wellbeing and overall productivity of everyone within the building. It also reduces allergic reactions that can lead to headaches, asthma episodes and eye irritations.
UVGI disinfects air, water and surfaces


UVGI technology is used to disinfect the surfaces of HVAC systems, ceilings, ductwork, walls, floors and water in:
  • Food processing plants
  • Hospitals
  • Medical facilities
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Schools & Colleges
  • Cinema complexes
  • Swimming pools
  • High traffic retail outlets
  • Pharmaceutical facilities