Dr Aoife Kelly, Ion Herbal Tonics and Naomi Byrne FInance Manager AMV SystemsAs we get closer to phase two of our Wellness at Work programme with Ion Herbal Tonics, we are delighted our programme was featured in this weeks Wexford People newspaper.

An added spring in our step is guaranteed when we start our Lavender Herbal Tonics in February! The month long programme will have us briming with energy and vitality, ready to take advantage of those lovely long evenings.  As always Dr Aoife Kelly is on hand to guide us all the way. The one to one consultations have proven invaluable in the journey to deliver each individual’s personal wellness goals.

Co-ordinator of the Wellness at Work programme at AirconMech, Naomi Byrne, Finance Manager, says “The Ion Herbal Tonics programme is just one of the elements of our Wellness at Work programmes. It’s important to us as employers, that our team is supported in every way possible to maintain good general health and well being, not only at work but for their home lives too. We look forward to building on this programme over the coming months with different elements to ensure a holistic programme is achieved”